About Us
Mission Statement

          To expose suspected judicial corruption through investigative journalism by posting public records with embedded hyperlinks in text to controlling rules of law in online surveys.

          To allow the Power of the People to decide whether one or more judges have failed to adhere to one or more rules of the appropriate Code of Ethics.

          To allow for a lawful process to begin for the removal of any such judges, and even permanent disbarment.

The people made the Constitution, and the people can unmake it. It is the creature of their own will, and lives only by their will.          -- Chief Justice John Marshall
Cohens v. Virginia, 19 U.S. (6 Wheaton) 264, 389 (1821)
          Exposing and Correcting Judicial Corruption, Inc. will be recognized as the leading investigative journalistic tool to improve the public's perception of the legal profession.
Short Term Goals
Our Short Term Goals are to:
          1)  Obtain the necessary seed money to:
               A)  Obtain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of this website
               B)  Create the necessary initial online surveys on an improved website for this organization, which will enable anyone from the general public to participate in those online surveys to determine whether one or more rules of the judicial conduct have been violated 
                C)  Launch the first sets of survey questions for online, public participation, and have those survey results securely stored and utilized for a better functioning form of self-government by the People of the United States of America.
           2)  Obtain a new business office site in Columbus, Ohio
           3)  Install initial office furniture, peripherals and any other equipment and tools necessary
           4)  Acquire funds for the above by December 15, 2018 
Our Values
          We exalt the Code of Ethics established as the Code of Judicial Conduct for the judiciary that the public may be reviewing.
          We exalt the Code of Judicial Conduct for United States Judges, who conduct judicial proceedings in the federal judiciary of the United States of America.
          We exalt the Code of Judicial Conduct that each state has established for itself, as well as any courts in any political subdivisions of that state (such as counties, parishes, and local municipalities), as that state may have established its own Code of Judicial Conduct similar to the Model Code of Judicial Conduct.
          We seek the best ways to determine public trust and confidence in any Judge, as well as determining to what degree any Judge(s) has/have engaged in conduct that has even the appearance of impropriety -- even if it may have reached the level of scandalous conduct.
          We will always strive to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct possible, as established in the Code of Ethics by the Society of Professional Journalists, primarily:
  • Seek Truth and Report It
  • Minimize Harm
  • Act Independently, and
  • Be Accountable and Transparent